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Swish Projects is the official Australian distributor for Zenair Ltd.   

Zenair focuses on sport (experimental) aviation, with an exciting line of home built Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) kit planes for sport pilots, that is highly respected in the industry. 

We can support and coordinate your entire purchase to flight pipeline. With 24 years experience in aviation, let us support the purchase and import of your kit, home build and pilots licence to have you soaring the sky's and engaging in this exciting sport. 



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About James

Swish Projects Director, James Fisher, has 24 years experience in the field of aviation.  I am currently building my own kit, and as soon as it is finished, I will start on the next one.  Building is a great activity all of it's own.

I have spent time under paragliders and parachutes, in 2-stoke trikes and 2-seater turbines - but you can't beat the freedom of your own all-metal cross-country machine.  My Zenair STOL can fit in my shed, be flown from my farm and be fueled from the local service station.   Because I built it, I can also maintain it and modify it to suit myself.  Brilliant.

   BArts, MSc (Aviation)

what we do

Based in Melbourne, Victoria Australia, we aim to support your aviation journey.

We support the purchase, import and delivery of your kit airplane, and can guide you with detailed information on performance, engine and construction choices.  

Construction support can be provided by negotiation.  In partnership with TVSA at the Bacchus Marsh Airfield,  we can help with your instruction and support your access to obtaining your sport pilot licence.

Support can be as much or as little as you request.

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